So this whole Bud Light thing has me wondering

I mean, the timing of this Woke VP at InBev woman’s education fits with the timing of the education of the suddenly Woke folks at Disney, which also meets with the timing of the Woke people in education.

Was there something that happened like 12-15 years ago in colleges across the country that led to all these “woke” people being indoctrinated with the WOKE? All of the people like her were who are now earning their way to powerful positions were graduated/ educated in about a 5 year window, as were the suddenly Woke and Pedophile enabling teachers….

What happened then? How did it all happen at the same time? Somewhere, somehow they all got the Woke. It had to be in colleges, as the other demographics seem to be too diverse. So who/how? Is it still happening?

This wasn’t incremental. It happened suddenly….what was it? What is the common factor besides a college degree?

7 thoughts on “So this whole Bud Light thing has me wondering

  1. Money… Always follow the money… Nike is going down the same road…

  2. Right now with ESG grading, woke is where the money is. In order to get a high ESG score they need to do hi-jinks like this nonsense to show how diversity- and equity- and inclusion-loving they are.

  3. Remember the Dr. Spock crap? Don’t spank…
    Remember how God in school simply couldn’t be allowed?
    Remember that woman, Gloria something I Think, telling women how bad they had it? You know, back when one earner supported the family?
    Remember when they declared the schools were failing and They said They could fix them?
    Remember when they changed things and the results were Less Than before they changed things, BUT, instead of UNDOING what they did, they declared that more change needed made.
    The idiots who are running things are the result of the Sabotage of society that started in earnest in the sixties. The federal Reserve was certainly a part of the foundation for the destruction.
    It’s All just my opinion based on my observations, agree,disagree, meh,, the thing is
    America is in Big Trouble. I don’t see voting our way out. God said
    If a nation will pray to me and turn away from evil that he would save them.
    I’m not seeing that happen either.
    But we do what we can.
    A national day of prayer, specifically for God to change the hearts of the leaders of the world doesn’t sound like a bad idea.

  4. The halfrican appeared out of nowhere and in a couple short yrs came to occupy the WH.

    • Don’t be a dick.

      Use his name. Or don’t post here. You can hate him all you want (I do), but don’t be immature.

      “Hafrican” is stupid and shows your childishness.

      Don’t stoop to the Democrat level.

      • Aaaaannd another stupid old boomer asks why this is happening but won’t stand for anyone actually answering it. “We don’t see colour around here!!!!” he says huffily! Good job, B!!!! You REALLY showed him, didntchya? Way to go!

        If you weren’t a half cucked RINO you would have seen this coming 25 years ago because they TOLD you what they had in mind. Now they are telling you that they fully intend to implement democratic socialism (communism with a happy face on it). Which will entail killing large numbers of morons like you and taking their stuff.

        This will be done primarily by jews and white leftists, ginning up grievances and race wars using blacks and stupid people as cannon fodder. They will do all this because fags like you, Mitch McConnel, Lindsay Graham will LET them do it and even take part if it serves your interests.

        Now I will happily take my leave. While you are trying to debate with howler monkeys like Misfit… I am going to check my guns and strop my bayonet. If you had any brains – you’d be checking your history books and seeing how those guys treat their useful fools when their usefulness comes to an end.

        Errr…. same to you!


        • I really care little what YOU think.
          But here, this is my blog. I get to decide what language is used. I thought the Dems use of such terms as “Shrub” was childish, and I think that “Hafrican” is as well.

          At least have the balls to use the proper pejorative terms. You are a weasel, I fully expect that then the time comes for shooting you will be exhorting people to fight while hiding behind them…..if you are anywhere near the fighting at all.

          Call me a “Cuck” all you wish. I know better.

          Feel free to “Check your guns and strop you bayonet” in masturbatory battle preparedness fantasies. My equipment is already ready, I don’t need to mentally masturbate while foundling my supposed weapons (that you won’t have the testicular fortitude to use when and if) to keep myself happy with fantasies of war. I’m better than you. I know it and you know it, hence the vitriol from a Keyboard Commando.

          Feel free to go comment somewhere else since you think I am so useless. I really care very little what weasels such as yourself think.

          But be polite here or get banned. Last warning.

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