The press won’t point it out

I mean, they’ll report on the ever increasing violence during the Spring Break season in many of the Florida and Texas traditional spring break locations….But they only hint, rather than tell you, that the demographics have also changed from years past, when crimes were mostly drunk-and-disorderly and other non violent crimes perpetuated by mostly white kids from wealthy families.

But the behavior has changed as the demographic mix of students has also changed, and the crowd has gotten less orderly and less understanding of what decent behavior is.

No one wants to say the reason, as I do not for fear of being branded racist.

But we all know the truth, the reason why. It is the same everywhere  that the change has happened and the demographic data shows us where the issue is.

Sadly, no one can really state what the issue is for fear of being hounded. Much like the crime statistics in larger “Urban” areas. No one dare speak the truth as to the reasons.

2 thoughts on “The press won’t point it out

  1. WELL Tanned white supremacist, we used to jokingly call them smoked oakies, to give the guys from the south a bad time.

  2. I have no problem stating the obvious. The “spring breakers” are uncivilized violent niggers. Doing what uncivilized violent niggers always do.

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