I don’t care what you think about the latest Trump

headline and half-assed attempt to find some way to punish Donnie Trump…..to find a way to make him ineligible to run again (But I am amused that they fear him so much)…


If you are stupid enough to attend the expected rally/protest/whatever regarding his (supposed) impending arrest…..

Then you are a fool.

If you take your phone with you, then you are an even greater fool.

If your face is unmasked, and you haven’t modified your shoes or otherwise taken precautions to mask/hide your gait, you are a fool.

If you don’t think that all of the above will be used to find out who you are, especially after Jan-6, then you are an idiot.

And if you think that going to the protest will in any way change the outcome for Donnie (Or that he really cares about you as an individual and will thank you later), then you deserve what you get. Enjoy the legal costs and (likely) jail time.

Some thing are worth fighting for, some are worth sacrificing for. This is neither of those.

7 thoughts on “I don’t care what you think about the latest Trump

    • Thing is, yer not Fighting. Yer protesting….whining like a child… accomplishing NOTHING. They can ignore you while identifying you as a troublemaker.

      They will identify you and pick you off one at a time.
      Just protesting will accomplish NOTHING except your arrest. See also Jan 6. What did they accomplish? What change did they create?

      Get serious or stay home.

  1. Stop playing in the streets. Nothing you want will be won there.

    Unless you’re bringing rifles, and you’re serious this time.

    • The time is when your action can actually change the outcome.
      Protests do NOTHING.

      The time is when the action and the change it causes are worth the sacrifice of your life, your families livelihood (‘Cause they will go after them as well) and has a possibility of actually causing change.
      Showing up at a Trump rally (Like this one) and being identified simply marks you as one to watch….and may make it harder to be able to accomplish something later.

      Those brave men at Lexington Green weren’t “Protesting” they were there to STOP the British from taking their powder and shot.
      Big difference.

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