I wish they’d get the story straight

So I knew which one to debunk:


So currently, if I have this straight(and I might not…)…Hunter Biden is now suing the owner of the computer store for giving out copies of the hard drive from the computer that wasn’t his (the guy who sued Hunter for defamation) and the dissemination of the contents of said laptop (that wasn’t his) which were really Russian Disinformation except that the FBI hasn’t bothered to look at it to confirm or deny that it belongs to Hunter because it might contain evidence of crimes by both Hunter and his Dad…..that didn’t happen because they are disinformation from someone in the Trump Campaign paid for by Russia that wasn’t true but must be suppressed because it wasn’t Hunters laptop that had his personal information that was illegally disseminated…..Did I get that right?

I just think it is funny the progression of things as they first denied, then, when denial didn’t work, then slow-rolled things until the elections….Then, when there was no other course, admitted but then sued after it didn’t matter election wise.

Of course, this only happens with a press that is willing to go along.