Much truth:

I’m not sure who to give credit to, but this is stolen from somewhere. (ETA: Midwest Chick had it)

Not to mention the Indentured servant who were treated as slaves….

Enough bullshit that all Black people are victims and no one else’s ancestors….Every other ethnic group overcame and moved up, Only one ethnic group can’t seem to overcome their culture and be successful without special treatment.



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  1. Mkst Black American slaves came from West Africa where a vast percentage were “useless” people dumped into the slave trade to eliminate a burden on the tribal society. The “useless” were too dim, uncooperative, distractable, violent to earn their keep. Thus the problems amkng their descendants in the urban ghettos should not be a surprise. Trash from Africa bred trash in America. It isn’t race, it is the selection process that produced that population.

  2. I am descended from an Irish slave (verifiable). Do I get any money?

  3. Its the statists pushing reparations. Its govt with the purse strings pushing reparations. It is profitable to push reparations, the incentives are financial or to promote class division, or both.

    As far as all other ethnicities getting past their slavery history, I believe the govt welfare system and policies which have acted, as intended, to keep blacks as perpetual victims. Because its profitable and the skim is huge.

  4. My great great grandmother came to the Midwest on the Orphan Train. Orphans were rounded up in Boston and New York and indentured off at train stops throughout the Midwest where they were forced to work for the farmer that “took them in” for no pay. Someone owes me reperations!

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