Huh….The TSA actually found something besides a handgun or nail clippers….

Of course, it appears that this was at best an amateurish attempt at getting an “explosive” past security…..or was a red herring (Read the description to understand why I say this)

Man, 40, is in FBI custody after TSA found an explosive device hidden in the lining of his checked bag as it was being loaded onto an Allegiant flight from Pennsylvania to Florida

Seriously? If the news story is correct, then why would one have “Two GFCI outlets taped together” unless you wanted to draw attention? This kinda smells, really. Almost as if someone wanted the device(s) to be found.


I expect that we will soon learn all about his White Supremacy Right-Wing leanings and all that.

8 thoughts on “Huh….The TSA actually found something besides a handgun or nail clippers….

  1. Makes one wonder what connection there may be between this yahoo and some Fed Gov spooks.

  2. They fail at finding dummy bombs and guns like 80% of the time, 24/7/365.

    Anyone who really believes this wasn’t 100% faked, signify by standing on your head.

  3. The Kabuki safety theater that hasn’t stopped a terrorist threat since they were created 22 years ago- finally found something?

    My money is on
    1- He had “friends” online that convinced him to do this.
    1a- They supplied the “explosives.
    2- Why was it so obvious? -Oh yeah #1
    3- It’s going to be another fake White Supremacist Evil Reich Whinger that they’re trying to take your eyes off something else. -Again-

  4. they “caught” a black guy posing as a fed trying to get guns on a plane last week. the RIFLE got past them before they found a couple of loaded pistol mags and re-screened all his bags. ak, two .40’s, loaded mags and body armor along w/ fake fed id.

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