Cuts to Social Security coming?

Soon yer gonna have to wait until 70 to collect it.

But, of course, no proposed cuts to welfare and the other handouts…..

WTF? At least when it comes to Social Security people have some “Skin” in the game….We’ve paid into it (even if it has been mismanaged). Welfare they just give away someone else’s money….Why no cuts there?

If they are going to make people wait until 70 to retire, then FIRST they need to cut the freebies that they give people, especially illegals. Take some of THAT money and put it towards Social Security. Same-Same “Foreign Aid”….especially Ukraine and China and Palestine and Israel and India and Taiwan.

Funny how the hard working citizens of the United States always come last in the eyes of the politicians, innt?


Question: If they change the age to70, can I sue for Breach of Contract? It was 65 when I started  being forced to contribute..

6 thoughts on “Cuts to Social Security coming?

  1. Heh
    That plan sounds like a good way to lose 1.5 trillion.
    What could possibly go wrong with any investment that’s connected to politicians?

  2. I’ll be shocked and amazed if there’s anything at all left to collect by the time I get there.

    Everything after that is gravy.

    • Social Security will always exist.
      Because Democrats need something to demagogue.
      How will they “pay” for it?
      Nationalize pensions and 401ks

  3. Anyone can sue anyone else for any reason. The trick is winning. Such a lawsuit would almost certainly be dismissed. Probably for lack of “standing”.

    • What lack of standing? I was forced to contribute to Social Security from age 15 (when I started getting a paycheck instead of being paid cash) and at that time, the retirement age was 65. implied contract and all that.

      • they’ll phase it in, but they could cut the pay out formula.

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