Must be all those Right Wingers

Seems that a substation caught fire in Oakland California.

So it must be those damned Right wing folks... Says so in the article..with, of course, no proof. But it must be because it happened somewhere else a while back.

Now I am not sayin’ it is, and I ain’t sayin’ it isn’t.

But why conflate the two until there is some evidence that it isn’t some other cause?

2 thoughts on “Must be all those Right Wingers

  1. “Rightwingers,” MY ASS! That substation went up because of California’s 3rd World grid! A couple of years back we received letters from SoCal Edison saying that they’d be securing power to our areas if wind conditions created a fire hazard. Never mind the fact that the lines are so badly sagged that they slap each other during Santa Ana winds and CAUSE the fires. Let’s not DO OUR JOBS and PROPERLY SAG THE LINES. Let’s just shut off the power instead! Indeed, we recently had a MAJOR brush fire in our area sparked by… wait for it… AN EXPLODING TRANSFORMER!!!

    …I call bullshit…

    …Somehow though, it’s us Rightwingers…

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