An interesting question:

If you read this blog regularly, then you likely have become somewhat aware that all you are told by the Media is not always the whole truth….(yeah, I know, I am a master of understatement….)


If so, you should ask yourself: When did you become aware?

Go there, and read the comments. ‘Tis an interesting discussion.


For me, I think it began with my father’s father when I was an early teenager…then a teacher or two, and I think around then I began really listening to (and hearing) ¬†what my father talked about….and it snowballed from there. They all taught me to think, and question….and slowly, piece by piece, bit by bit, the picture became more and more obvious. The doubts grew.

There were many reinforcing moments along the way…too many to list. But they added up. Carter, Bush, Ruby Ridge and Waco, GWB, GHB’s capitulation on “Amnesty”, “Global Warming”… Lots of other happenings. The Tea Parties, The reaction of BOTH parties to Trump. Lots of media stories that I was able to debunk or find the missing details over the years………the total misleading of the US people. The attempts at social engineering with the normalization in the media of the Gay lifestyle (Not acceptance, but normalization) and the push for the acceptance of the pedophiles….

I don’t believe anything they tell me and less than half of what I see .



5 thoughts on “An interesting question:

  1. My eyes began to open in 1973, during Watergate. I became fully awake and aware during Carter’s misadministration.

  2. In 1991 when I discovered this loud, confident, bombastic, funny guy on AM radio that said the things I already thought from noon to three every day. I listened faithfully until his too early death.

    Of course I refer to El Rushbo. The Maja Rushie.

    Prior to that, I did not care because I felt gubmint was gonna do whatever they wanted and we were powerless to stop them. Oh how wrong I was.

  3. It was the 70’s s well for me, the viewing of ‘The Guns of August’ was a primetime TV hit piece on hunting Then I began reading more anti-firearm pieces in the newspaper. Editorials basically saying it was the job of the police to stop criminals. That firearms in the household only created danger zones for its occupants.

    From there it just spiraled.

  4. idk, maybe i always was. researching for a paper on the civil war in 6th grade i discovered what we were being taught wasn’t lining up with what i was finding. later as a rookie cop i realized it was changing from protect and serve to enforce every little law no matter how trivial. still naive to a degree i quit and went military. thirty years later i came to realize gen. smedley butler was right, war is a racket, and my service had been based on lies.

  5. I read Aldous Huxley in high school and Ayn Rand in my early 20s. I’ve been a skeptic ever since and trust no one in government.

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