It followed me home

So there, all alone on a table at the gunshow, was a nearly pristine Marlin model 39A.


I’ve been looking for a model 39M, the straight stocked version for a long time, and they are as rare as hen’s teeth. Decent 39A’s are hard to find as well….The examples out there are shot-to-shit and all scratched up or dinged up, or the join where the receiver splits is all peened up….



This one had no box, but was as new as it it had just come from the factory…..if it has 25 rounds through it I’d be surprised. It is a 1985 production. Clean, rust free, scratch free, ding free.

We haggled. He didn’t get what he wanted for it, and I paid more than I wanted…..But It came home with me. Cash sale, too.

I paid too much for it, but ain’t that always the case?

Anyway, new range toy. Nothing more fun to plink with than a lever action .22.

3 thoughts on “It followed me home

  1. the sign of a good compromise is that both parties leave unhappy with the deal.

  2. Cool. Some firearms are worth more to the user than the price paid. The $$$ paid will be forgotten soon, the fun taking it to the woods or range is just beginning. Rimfire shooting is relaxing, and makes for great aroma therapy (sharp bite of burnt gunpowder on a crisp cool monring – can’t beat it !)

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