Sea Level “Rise” measurements

Not what they tell you.

In fact, in Oslo Norway, there is a NEGATIVE sea level rise. A loss of about 1 foot per hundred years (this evidence is cropping up elsewhere too.)

The Climate folks are LYING. (But we knew that).

Who you gonna believe, that lying real measured data or those so called “experts”?

Someday, Climate Scientists will be reviled for their paid for Junk “Science”.

3 thoughts on “Sea Level “Rise” measurements

  1. I went back to visit “the old neighborhood,” and headed down to a fishing pier I hadn’t seen since 1977. That’s 46 years of “climate change.” Back in the day, when the tide was high, sea water would back up out of the storm drain and flood the gutter of the road. Fifty years later, when the tide is high, sea water will back up out of the storm drain and flood the gutter of the road…

    …I rest my case, Your Honor…

  2. yeah, i watched a “story” on weather channel on night go on about how some tiny village in alaska was being flooded by global warming ice melt yada yada. at the very end an actual scientist said the flooding there was subsidence, not sea level rise, “but it shows what will happen when climate change comes.”

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