Well, at least they aren’t crying ‘Racist Cops” this time….

So all five cops that were participating in the apprehension of Tyree Nichols are now charged with murder in his death.

Pulled over for Reckless Driving, speeding, and just plain being stupid, he then fought the cops and got a beatdown. He was combative with the officers after being pulled over, so much that backup was called. His beatdown lasted 3 minutes and ended him in the hospital, where he later died.


The original complaint specified ‘Racism”, until it was discovered that ALL FIVE OFFICERS involved WERE BLACK, just like Tyree.

Funny how that works, innit?

Act like a jerk enough that you catch the attention of the police, get pulled over,  combative, get “restrained and subdued”  get a beatdown get subdued and arrested. But at least it wasn’t “Racist Cops” this time…

3 thoughts on “Well, at least they aren’t crying ‘Racist Cops” this time….

  1. When the stop was made, backup was sent. Start a fight and you have to be ready for the entire “team”. Tell it to the judge, or your Supervisor. Erratic drivers kill people. Cops are sent to pull over erratic drivers. Rational talk may get you out of the jackpot, but cops are trained not to loose fights. Don’t start a fight.

    Those cops have all been exposed as White Supremacists!! Each, the very face of whiteness run amok. Because, Reasons..

  3. Sorry…but if FIVE cops can’t safely subdue ONE person they are incompetent. Because of that incompetence they resorted to a lethal level of force. Let a jury
    figure it out.

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