Huh, “Woke” don’t work.

Seems that M&M’s have decided that their changing of the “SpokesCandies” to¬† be “Woke” and “Inclusive” in their ad campaign has backfired.

They are pulling the entire, decades old, well received (and effective) ad campaign because changing the candies to “woke” damaged the message and made people shy away. People don’t want their candies to be political, inclusive or sexual.

Funny about that. They took a well known, working ad campaign and screwed it up.


3 thoughts on “Huh, “Woke” don’t work.

  1. I don’t believe there is anything the woke leftists can’t f**k up….often without even trying.

  2. How dare Mars, Inc assume the gender of their candy.
    I’m outraged. OUTRAGED, I SAY!!!

  3. Wanna know what I need to ignore you?
    Tell me you’re an Expert.
    Experts in economic development and diplomacy wrote every trade agreement. Our Best and Brightest have signed us onto screwing after screwing. NAFTA caused OUR agricultural products to flood the Mexican market. Bankrupting farmers.. Farmers whose families had been employing people and an important element of the economy. We CREATED economic problems that Drove people across the border. Then, through corruption, somehow managed to consistently FAIL to manage the border.


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