Say what you want about Amazon

I needed some contact tips for my spoolgun. (the design on it is kinda crappy…there isn’t enough cooling from the gas lens and sometimes when doing low wire speed jobs on thin aluminum the wire will melt into the tip and solidify when you stop and then you gotta replace the tip) and while they are a common Miller tip, they were unavailable in my town….the TSC had none in stock, the Menards and Home Depot had none in stock, and the local small business gas supplier also was out…he could get some in a week…..maybe. They were available at the welding supply store store (spendy!), but that is 40 miles away….

But in one day, I got what I needed from Amazon at half the price from what the welding store had. Same brand too.

The local places complain that Amazon is killing them, and of that I have no doubt. But not having stock on a common item caused folks like me to go elsewhere. I tried “Local” first.

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  1. While back a neighbor commented that I seem to get a lot of deliveries.
    I ‘splained the only things I buy in person are gasoline, perishable groceries and *some* stuff that absolutely, positively has to be tried on for fit; there’s no point in burning dead dinos running around to find out “we don’t have it,” “wrong color/size/length/diameter/threads/etc.,” or idiot clerks who don’t know anything and thanks to Modern Technology businesses have adopted Automated Phone Hell to prevent reaching anyone who might know something (although the Mom ‘n’ Pop places still seem to answer their phones, but that’s changing, too).

    I see a lot of retail death coming; these people have no clue their competition isn’t the guy three miles down the road, it’s the software-controlled mega-distributor three mouse clicks away.

    I hate Jeff Bezos with a burning passion, but only for his politics and social engineering, not his organizational and hiring ability.

  2. Timely delivery is their business model. Everything in stock – meaning having right now what you want – is hit or miss for any given time.

    The problem with swift delivery is screwed up orders. But it works often enough that people will sing to the glories of behemoth.

    Today’s blog subject is to hail behemoth based on one order. Now do ten, or a hundred, or a thousand.

    • I actually order about once a week. and they generally get it right. Has been that way for many years. probably in excess of 97% correct and on-time.

      I try to buy local, but either price is way out of whack, or the availability is just not there for some items. When pricing is close or I can get the stuff when I need it, then I go local, if not well, Amazon.

      You should not speak to that about which you have no knowledge…like my buying habits.
      But go on and pontificate about that which you know nothing.

      • Nope. I intended only to show the fallacy of one data point as the basis of praising the online retailer.

        In fact, your entire post was how Amazon came through on ONE purchase. ‘Say what you will …” but based on this one purchase I love you long time.

        You hadn’t mentioned your previous orders or anything of your previous buying habits.

        • You assumed there was only one data point. I never said anything of the sort.
          You were mistaken….and can’t admit it.

          In fact, most people are satisfied with the service they get from Amazon, as evinced by their continued growth. Not sure why you have a hate for them.
          In fact, your using one data point is showing that you don’t realize the fallacy of your own argument.
          Try to be consistent, willya?

          • That’s a good one.

            Anyway, this is not an issue to press for right or wrong. Too, we’re drifting from the original point.
            If need be that one is wrong, I’ll wear it.

            Do you take requests? Any news on the 340? Its aviation stuff that brought me to your blog in the first place.

  3. Alotta people badmouth Amazon. Then again, Alotta people probably badmouthed Sears Roebuck when it took the stage. I spend a fair amount of money locally, but face it; I’m a network tech. I sit in front of a computer most of the workday. I think of something I need, go to the Amazon website, point, click, and move on. With no less than FIVE Amazon “fulfillment centers” in my area, what I order is often on my doorstep BY THE TIME I GET HOME. I save time, money, and fuel. Why would I EVER do business any other way?

    On the other hand, the welding store is on the way home. So is the hardware store, the feed store, and Tractor Supply. They get PLENTY of my business over time!

  4. Spozed to get an update on the engines first week of Feb.
    From there, I just gotta figure how to remain patient.

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