Remember the push for $15 per hour to make a “Living Wage”?

Yeah, now the socialists want an increase to $20 per hour….Because (oddly enough) inflation has made it so that “$15 per hour is no longer a living wage”….just like $7 wasn’t a living wage a few years ago.

Just as predicted.

Funny, innit? Raising wages causes prices to increase….and that causes any “gains” made by the folks working lower paid jobs to simply disappear into the new, inflated cost of living.

But I guess, when you have no economic sense (and little education, which is likely why yer working a minimum wage job….there is an overlap in the Venn diagrams) just getting a raise looks like a good deal, even if it is short term.



5 thoughts on “Remember the push for $15 per hour to make a “Living Wage”?

  1. And the computer asks, “Would you like fries with that burger?”


  2. The McDonalds near me has no inside counter people, only computerized touch screen kiosks.

  3. “Living wage”
    Like everything else democrats promote and believe in, “Living wage” is completely meaningless and vacuous.

  4. Give a minimum wage person 15 bucks an hour, and the person doing work worth 15 bucks an hour will need 25 bucks an hour to stay even. I guess that nobody thought of that.

    • Pigpen, a real world example of that is from a few short years ago, when the push for $15 wage was a big thing. A company in Seattle decided their minimum salary should be increased to $75k. The employees already paid that amount complained they too should get a wage hike. When that didn’t happen, they left in droves.

      The company soon fell into bankruptcy. The partner owner sued the other owner. The owners are brothers.

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