Can anyone explain

Why Biden’s staff didn’t get around to “cleaning out” his office until the end of 2022? I mean, his office was used when he was VICE President…which ended in 2016…Why did it take 6 years to close his Vice Presidential office?

What happened during those 6 years? Who paid for the rent on an unused office? Who had access to the office (and the Classified documents (most of which were reportedly concerning Burisma and other Ukrainian businesses, their principles, and their dealings…you know, the folks that gave Hunter a large amount of money)) carelessly left unsecured in that office.

It is almost like the Clinton server, where lots of files were essentially left unsecured….

And, like Hillary, Biden will get a pass.

But seriously, why leave an office unused for 6-ish years?

3 thoughts on “Can anyone explain

  1. because the chinese govt gave them 54 million to open it and paid joe a million a year to be a no-show professor. just like biden claimed 19k rent received from hunter for the house, but hunter claimed it was 49k, a month. now joe’s taxes have disappeared from his “transparent” campaign site. hmmmm……

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