No matter how you look at it

And no matter how the news shows it, using words like “disturbing” and “terrifying” and “graphic” to set the tone…..

It appears that Tyre Nichols coulda kept thing on a smoother path.

Apparently there is doubt as to the reason he was pulled over. But from that point, he escalated things. 

Fought officers, ran away, got caught, fought some more. Then some more. Then cried for Momma when he got beaten down. Chances are, none of the beating would have happened if he hadn’t fought and run, and fought some more.

I cannot speak to the kicks after (or as it was happening, it is unclear) he was subdued after running…..But there is no doubt that running and fighting the arresting cops (enough that they asked for backup) did indeed escalate things.

Seems to be a pattern with some black males. Fight the cops, struggle, and then something happens. Most could be avoided if they’d not play the stupid games.

Not exonerating the police, mind you, but it seems that the arrestees make their situation much worse. There is a lesson there.

Having said the above, I gotta wonder why the media is pushing this so hard…. It isn’t election time where the DNC folks need to rile up their Negro voters….I mean, it is pretty early for that. I cannot help but feel that if this had been a white dude or a hispanic, they wouldn’t be publicizing this. Someone is pushing this, organizing the “Protests”….But when they need it, they can always find a black make wo ran from police, fought and escalated things such that it ended badly for them to use as a focal point . And Social Media and the “News” organizations can do a lot to rile up segments of our population with half truths and twisted and sensational reporting….see the Kenosha riots and how they treated Mr Rittenhouse,  or painted George Floyd as all innocent….

I just wonder why they need an incident right now? What’s the end game?


14 thoughts on “No matter how you look at it

  1. Without police, anarchy, and the removal of firearms, total subjugation of citizens is much easier. It’s very hard to starve a few million people when they’re aware, armed and furious.

  2. Obfuscation of the ‘other’ issues… Why else release this on a Friday night, KNOWING people will be in the streets with booze… Just wondering…

  3. A lot of people I talked to Friday all thought that it sounded like the media wanted looting and rioting…..

  4. i noticed the illogical escalation of police contact by black men when i was a cop myself. i once had a otherwise mild mannered black preacher, that i knew personally, escalate a traffic ticket way out of any proportion whatsoever, resulting in his arrest under a stack of assault on officers plural. immediately after the cuffs finally went on, he began crying and apologizing and apologized with tears in his eyes every time he saw me for years. asked why, he just shook his head, unable to articulate a reason. genetic memory of slave shackles? i don’t buy it. you’re telling me every black man in america descended from slaves? i don’t buy that one either.

    • I often wonder if the Fight or Flight response is greater in black men than other races and it overcomes their intelligence. Not gonna go into it here but you can see it in similar behaviors in other situations as well.
      Or I could be entirely wrong. I have a limited data set to analyze…

      • i’d say so. its proven fact their brain center that regulates emotion is smaller and functions at a much lower level than others, which pours adrenaline into their system. it simply hasn’t evolved fully yet. that said, sometimes its just plain poor decision making. i think its telling that , many times, the second the cuffs click they go into crybaby mode, crying and begging not to be arrested and apologizing profusely.

  5. Yes. Frequently people make a bad situation worse by reacting or over reacting.
    Doesn’t change the fundamental fact that cops are NOT tasked with handing out summary justice on the side of the road. They are allowed to use ONLY the amount of force necessary to make an arrest….IF that arrest is justified. ANYTHING else, anything more is a crime. If five large cops are incapable of subduing one average sized man then they are incompetent and resorted to criminal misconduct. Their language from the badgecams indicates that this was more than simple misconduct. Hopefully they are tried before an honest jury. One that hasn’t been tampered with. If the ‘mostly peaceful protests’ now are flagrant just wait and see what happens if these five don’t get sent to prison.

    • i think you misread the local populace. the only reason the city isn’t burning is these guys were black too. if they get off it will be seen as justice to all but a few family members of the victim. if they get convicted it’ll be “the man” putting it too them again.

    • Dan: If someone is determined NOT to be subdued/placed in cuffs, it may well take 5 men to gain control….and a fair bit of force. Not exonerating the kicks and strikes after he was indeed subdued and held down (but still struggling) and not yet cuffed, but the rest were due to him fighting back.
      I daresay you’ve never been in the cops position. Hard to judge them until you have,

  6. Riling the negroes is pure Marxism. Its straight out of the socialist playbook for America.

    As for blacks fighting, it is peer pressure. Its ‘sticking it to the man’ which had been bred into blacks since the 1930s. The communist party got it started. FDR, JFK to a lesser extent, LBJ to a greater extent kept the ball rolling.

  7. The Memphis story is being over covered to distract Americans from the Pfizer fag scandal.

  8. This is the longest I’ve ever seen black on black crime being reported

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