Well, that was fun for me

Plus he had a sense of humor.


Was driving, and in front of me was a county cop. His brake lights weren’t working…he had a center light but not the ones on the corners of the car…so when we came up to the next stoplight, I flashed my lights at him to get his attention, got out and walked up to his window.

“Your brake lights don’t appear to be working, officer”.

He thanked me for letting him know. Told me someone else had already told him about it and he was en-route to the garage to have it looked at.

I couldn’t resist though: “Imna let you off with a warning this time young man” I said with as straight face as I could manage, “But get those fixed, ok? I don’t wanna have to give you a citation”.

He laughed out loud, thanked me for telling him and for “cutting him some slack”, and I went back to the car.

The light changed and he drove off.


2 thoughts on “Well, that was fun for me

  1. Nice when LEO has a sense of humor.

    We responded to an accident on the interstate last week. The scene was under the overpass, so I cautiously went down the exit ramp the wrong way with lights and siren, did a sharp right turn and parked behind the wreck. The state trooper on scene was a buddy of mine. When the driver left his cruiser to go get checked out in the ambulance, I leaned in and asked if he was going to give me a ticket for going the wrong way. He just laughed and said he’d discuss it with me later.

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