Don’t play with it!

So a  dude in the greater Chicago area was in a convenience store with his son. While waiting for his son to make purchase his gun “accidentally” discharged.

You can see in the video his hand in his front pocket just before the firearm discharges. 

Hint: Use a holster that covers the trigger! Hint2 stop playing with it!

Luckily, no one was seriously hurt. Apparently the kid got struck by fragments and he needs a new pair of pants ’cause he blew a hole in the ones he was wearing (and apparently a $20 bill….and likely a clean pair of underwear…

5 thoughts on “Don’t play with it!

  1. In many ‘hoods holsters are avoided because if caught with one after tossing a piece it’s hard to deny you were carrying. So many denizens of the ‘hood eschew the use of holsters and carry ‘mexican style’.

    • Finally! I could not understand why the gun I found was wrapped in flour tortillas.

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