And there we have it

Actual, you know, proof that Joe Biden was in the pocket of the Chinese.

Finally, the truth comes out.

Joe Biden is named in 2017 email discussing multi-million dollar gas deal with CHINA, with Louisiana lawyer writing to brother Jim that he ‘arranged a call’ with the former VP and his son Hunter ‘to discuss the purchase’

But will the American Media do their job? Sad that a foreign news agency is doing what the Domestic news should be doing, but there you have it….they didn’t because they are all in for the Democrats.

Hiding paid-for access to the VP…..

But the story will, like the Hunter Laptop,  be downplayed by the US Media.

Joe, like Hillary, seems to be protected by our news organizations.

‘Tis a shame they hid it for so long, but that is the media (and the Democrats) in a nutshell.


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