It’s because of his race, Isn’t it?

Houston Activists want Taqueria shooter to be charged.

I mean, the activists are all black, and the (alleged) robber was black, and the guy who shot him in defense wasn’t.

““That’s overkill. That’s no longer self-defense.” Too fuckin’ bad. I just can’t seem to find any sympathy for the dead robber…An easy way to prevent your demise in such a manner? Don’t threaten people with a gun.

If there was more like this, there’s be less like this.

6 thoughts on “It’s because of his race, Isn’t it?

  1. I see a lot of comments where the person assumes that the final shot was in the perp’s head.

    It is not possible to tell from the video if that is true. That last shot could have landed anywhere on his body.

    Perhaps a medical examiner could determine if it was the last shot but he would need to examine the data and autopsy results at close range.

    And any person who is prepared to unleash deadly force knows, once you start you gotta finish. If the person presents any kind of hazard or appears to be reaching for their weapon even if on the floor…you gotta stop that dude.

  2. Sadly the shooter will almost certainly face charges because then DA for Houston was bought and paid for by that rat bastard George Soros….who installs commies as prosecutors to specifically target people who actively defend themselves. Even if he is acquitted by a jury he will be ruined….. because the process is the punishment.

  3. its time folks come to terms with the fact that once you trip the light fandango to kill you don’t just turn it off again like a light switch. if you deserved to get shot at point A, you’re in for the long haul and you got nobody to blame but yourself.

  4. Yeah, yeah, everyone knows how Some People have Decided people who have been put in a position to have to shoot someone must behave. The Ball is down, the whistle blows and You must STOP..
    Yeah, pissoff..

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