Actual temp is -12F, winds are 25 gusting 40. so wind chills are peaking at -35 or so…

I ain’t going outside unless have to…..not in wind chills of colder than minus thirty. I have the gear for it, but goddamned cold is still goddamned cold….

Keeping the woodstove under control in these winds is ….difficult. tTe draft changes so dramatically in the changing wind, it’s hard to pick a damper setting.¬† But I am toasty warm, so hey….

More later.

ETA: 10 AM. Temp is up to negative 7, but the winds are gusting to over 50 mph….Still not all that bad though. But I am staying in. have no reason to go out, so why? It is, after all, killing cold outside. Haven’t seen Fred, so I don’t know if he is in his house or not. I am sure he has other places to hide though, cats can handle lots of cold if they are out of the wind. It is what it is. ‘Tis fun watching the drifts grow and then erode away as the wind shifts a few degrees.

ETA: 2 pm. wind gusts  are nearing 60 MPH temp is up to minus 2F. Fred is out wandering around. Hope he is ok.

3 thoughts on “Update

  1. Throw another log in the fire for me.
    We aren’t that cold here Thank God but we do have an inch of ice all over everything with more forecasted to be inbound.
    I’m with you.
    I’m not going any damned place.

    • I have the gear…I have the vehicles. I could do so safely, should someone should need my help or for another reason….but at this point, I simply have no reason to go out.

      Plus, of course, the challenge of dodging the other folks out on the road, some of whom should not be driving at all……

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