It. Has. Begun.

The first winter “Snowmageddon” has begun. Temp began dropping about 11:00, the humidity condensed on the roads about 11:30, the first snow began about 11:45.

Kinda sleet-ish with a small bit of mist about noon (central)

The temp has steadily declined from 34 at 8 AM to about 27 at 3 PM.

The wind is picking up. We have had about an inch of snow.

Having said that, so far it is a fizzle.


But, like a blind date for a desperate woman, you never know how many inches yer gonna get or how long it will last……

ETA: Temp dropped 9 degrees in an hour, down to 19F at 4PM

ETA2: 10 F at 5 pm. Temp dropping even faster than forecast….but the good news is much less snow. maybe 3 inches.

ETA3: 6 PM: another 10+ degree drop now +7F. Still snowing and windy. 30 MPH

ETA 4: 7 PM winds are 14 gusting 32 4 F. Fred the feral outdoor cat has finally decided to move into the heated box I made for him. He’s out of the wind in the lee of the houseĀ  and should be warm enough.

5: 9 PM now minus one F. Down 32 degrees in about 8 hours. Wind is about 40 mph. Maybe 7 inches of snow, but it is blowing all over the place. Vis is about a half mile, maybe.

6 thoughts on “It. Has. Begun.

  1. Left work today at 2 pm.
    Illinois tollway was fine except for the idiots driving 40 mph with their hazard lights on.
    WTF are you doing on the tollway????
    It’s Illinois
    It’s winter
    Just like last year !!!!!!!

  2. Thanks for taking care of Fred. About the only creatures I worry about in this weather are the ferals, the abandoned and those owned by stupid people who don’t provide for them appropriately.

    • I get the impression he was abandoned….but he’s pretty much feral. All I can do is provide shelter and food. The rest is up to him.

  3. Small cardboard box wrapped in garbage bags. Cut hole in side big enough for animal and throw in straw, old blanket and place out of wind.
    And thanks for taking care of a feral animal.

    • oh, no. Plywood box, insulated and elevated off the ground, with an electric heater and a couple of old towels.
      I don’t fuck around.

      He can use it or not, but it is there.

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