Holy shit

My ass is kicked.


I am seldom sick for more than 24 hours. Flu, Cold, etc. (even Covid). If I exceed 24 hours of symptoms it is an anomaly. 48 has happened only once that I cam remember in the past 10 years.

Until Wednesday. That was the start…. around 5 PM…. Wed evening was pretty bad, Wed night was miserable. So was all day Thursday. I did not go to the range on Thursday, as I could see no reason to share this blessing with my fellow range members….

Today is Saturday. I still feel crappy. Joint aches, fever, slight congestion, But the cramps in my back!

Thursday I was running a 101 temp. Now, my “normal” temp is 96.5 – 97. So a 101 is HUGE. And I checked it with two different thermometers. Scared me enough that I called a friend and asked her to check on me via phone in the morning. I never run that hot.

SO today, with Ibuprofen, I feel ok,  But a 2 week old kitten could likely kick my ass.

Thing is, I just have no experience being “sick” for more than a day.


7 thoughts on “Holy shit

  1. JSYK, A very close friend of mine was the same way in regards to never being sick. I arrived at my place in VA,he was fine, we had planned on doing some work at his place the next day, when I called to go over, he said he was sick – this just overnight. To shorten the story he wound up in the hospital for 3 days with walking pneumonia. His systems resembled yours.

  2. I Think I remember the flu,once,decades ago. No flu shots. I don’t remember the last cold. Seasonal allergies I have a close relationship with. I got covid last January. Lasted about a week. IDK what I have Now, Wednesday will be two Weeks. I looked up RSV symptoms and they check the boxes.

    • Please, go get an x-ray of your lungs, it won’t hurt and the unknown may kill you dead.

  3. Yeah; the Kung Flu finally got me after almost three years. Felt “off” on Tuesday and tested positive Wednesday. Truthfully, I’ve had worse colds, but it did sap my strength. I’m just now feeling quasi-normal, but am still testing positive. Can’t go to work again until I test negative.

    I don’t get these kinds of things either. I got the flu once, back in the mid-90’s. That had me nailed to the bed for WEEKS! Never before nor since have I EVER been so sick!!! I may have had one or two colds since that time.

    If you can’t shake what you’ve got, B, get yourself checked out! …They don’t make parts for us anymore…

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