I did not know that:

I have been informed that most (nearly all) spices are sterilized by radiation before being packaged into consumer sized pack ages.

The exception if :Certified Organic”. which is not sterilized.

It is possible that the bottle of Chipotle that I use (that had “additional protean”) was left over from a girlfriend that no longer spends any time at my home….and she was really big into “Organic” and such.

This might explain why the bugs were able to hatch in the chipotle. Apparently it is not uncommon in “organic” products that don’t use that nasty radiation to sterilize the spices from the eggs of the critters.


2 thoughts on “I did not know that:

  1. A famous old 60’s naturo-organic mentor of mine stated for the record once that if the bugs won’t eat that food , neither will I . It made sense to me . White flour ? White sugar ? White bread ? Say yuck three times as Marilyn Hickey used to say .

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