Do they really think that that ad campaign works?

I mean, I signed up for a flight with Allegiant airlines. Cheap and from an airport that is convenient at both ends of the trip…


In less than 12 hours I got 11 emails telling me all about the great deals that were waiting for me. Not about the flight I already had, but new deals waiting for me.

This will likely affect my use of Allegiant in the future. I was a customer already. Now I probably won’t be again. The marketing department apparently thinks that “annoy our new customer until they get angry” is a good strategy to generate more business.

Is this really a viable marketing strategy? Or does it make people (like me) just ignore and unsubscribe?  It’s not like one a month, it is 10 in half a DAY.


4 thoughts on “Do they really think that that ad campaign works?

  1. Yep, desperate for customers so they’re bombing the suckers with ‘deals’… And doing a good job of driving potential customers away.

  2. Unsubscribe. Or just delete.
    If that’s their business model, and provide you with the cheap flight you desire, when you desire, what’s the problem?
    I was after a monday-tuesday round trip from a closer airport but they only offer Sunday-thursday. So stuck with a higher cost Alaska. I’m sure they will follow up with their own email deals to thank me also

    • I did unsubscribe. But that is the point. I might not have if I had gotten only one or just one a week.
      11 in 12 hours made me jump straight to “Unsubscribe”.

  3. This seems to be the way it works now. Donate to any “charity” now and deluge you with begging request. Nope once and done

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