I find it somewhat disgusting

That Biden and his team could find a way to free Britney Griner, but could not find the time to free Paul Whelan from his captivity in Russia.

Ms Griner has never hesitated to tell the rest of the world about how much in contempt she holds the US, she has never, as far as I know, actually served her country. Mr. Whelan has served his country.

But the priorities of the Biden Administration have always been a source of anger for me.

5 thoughts on “I find it somewhat disgusting

  1. This swap was decided by the commie puppet masters holding Pedo Joe’s strings. It wasn’t his decision….not that he would have objected. It’s the White House paying back the commie left for their support. Griner is an anti America POS waste of skin. That makes it a cause celebre for the leftists. The Marine the Russians are holdig can go to hell as far as the left is concerned.

  2. I’m more disgusted by the fact that they chose to get actual convicted felon Griner, while holding hundreds of largely guiltless, or at worst petty criminal trespasser Americans in gulag-like conditions right outside D.C.

    Bastille Day is coming for that, and there’s going to be a reckoning. And it’s not going to be told in court transcripts. In newspapers? Maybe. Online videos? For a certainty.

    • no, sadly there will be no bastile day for them. they will be forgotten to rot, at least until they are no longer politically useful. at best the next selectee in the oval office will release them quietly in a few years. since we’ve already entered the gulag stage, they may just disappear one night never to be heard from nor read about again. welcome to the archipelago.

  3. What less could we expect from Obama’s puppet? This comes right out of his playbook! Remember Bergdhal? Another traitor swapped for other terrorists!!! Gee; what ever happened to Bergdhal, anyway? He just sorta …disappeared… ‘Just sayin’…

  4. Kind of shows who we where their their priorities lie, right?

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