People want their votes to count

No matter what their race or religion.

One week until Election Day, voters demand tougher security at the ballot box: New poll shows more than 8 in 10 Americans support photo voter ID laws and majority want more guardrails on mail-in voting

Despite what the DNC and the Media (but I repeat myself) tell us, everyone wants clean elections: “At least three quarters of white, black, Hispanic and Asian Americans agreed that some form of photo identification should be required to cast a ballot, according to the survey by CRC Research and the 85 Fund

No worries about minority voters being “Disenfranchised” or otherwise being prevented from voting. They don’t believe the DNC lies about that either…

So we can hope that this will reduce the Margin of Cheat to some extent..

One thought on “People want their votes to count

  1. Not everyone wants a clean election. Most Demonrats only care about winning. How is irrelevant. If winning requires cheating and fraud that’s ok with them.

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