Split another half-rick of wood today…

Put on the new hydraulic hose….($35 dollars BUT a half hour each way to get to a place that was competent to make the damned hose) and got to work…

The splitter is not cooperating

Probably rebelling due to neglect…..

The new carb needed some adjusting to take a load, which I fixed with a screwdriver in a few minutes.

hen the damned thing started dying under load, so I put the adjustments back….no joy.

Then it didn’t wanna start again at all.

Back to basics.

Has spark, has compression, is getting air….Aaannd the fuel filter is plugged with rust. Blew it out (I only have one more on the shelf as the auto parts store is backordered, so I guess  I’m gonna have to go online) and put the carb adjustments back to where I had moved ’em. Gonna have to dismount and clean the tank, I guess. Now it runs well.


My fault, I (stupidly) let it sit uncovered all last winter. I am paying the price now. Laziness comes back to bite you every time. I’d kick myself for that but that would likely make me pull a muscle and all that so just onward and upward…..

If the firewood  I had was oak, I’d just use a wedge and sledge or an axe, but the hickory is just a bit tougher to split by hand.

One thought on “Split another half-rick of wood today…

  1. Yep, neglect DOES bite us in the butt routinely… And we STILL don’t learn.

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