I must be getting old

Those 140-180+ lb rounds of wood are getting heavier.

Now that the splitter is adjusted and running well, I used the cool morning to split some more firewood for my reserve supply. Stopped when I had to take off my long sleeved shirt due to the temps.

I’m getting old. Those 30-48″ or so rounds (18″ more or less long) are getting heavier and heavier. I thought that perhaps the Hickory was just denser than oak,……I mean, I can barely roll ’em onto my knee before standing up to put ’em on the splitter rail.

So I got out the hanging scale and the log tongs and put them on the tractor…..Nope actually lighter…. in the 120-150-lb range….I’m just getting older, I guess.

Anyway, split another rick or so and stacked it under cover, Got more to do, but I’m nibbling away at it. Wore out a pair of gloves too.  At least the splitter is running well, despite the neglect.

3 thoughts on “I must be getting old

  1. Me too (getting old feelz). This past weekend, had to load up wildlife feeder with corn (now $12 for 50 lbs.). It is funny how when lifting over your head, a barbell with two 25 lb plates lifts so differently than a 50 lb bag of corn. Like lifting a kid that does not want to be picked up, instant gravity pull increase by at least 50%.

    Going to be 60 next birthday. So not getting old, GOT old is more like it :^)

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