Sadly, the money won’t come from officer Payne

But Nurse Alex Wubbles will get $500K from the ordeal. 

So when she followed the rules of ethics of her profession and the hospital rules,  the officer decided to punish her for not kowtowing to his (assumed) authority and arrested her. (story here).

In a just world, Officer Payne and not the taxpayers (and/or the hospital) would be paying her settlement…and he’d be facing more than just firing. He should be in jail after abusing his authority….And every other officer who stood by and watched the illegal arrest should be fired and barred from ever being a law enforcement officer in any capacity.




8 thoughts on “Sadly, the money won’t come from officer Payne

  1. The teevee showed a San Antonio PD opening fire on a teenager parked and eating his fast food meal and the driver is in critical condition.
    The indispensable guardian of peace and safety thought that the driver escaped the night before with some good driving.
    Only a firing so far for the overgrown Punisher comics fan.

  2. Sadly, ex-officer Payne won’t be in prison, and have the fine paid for by inmates trading cigarettes for time with their new prison girlfriend.
    Also sadly, the fine won’t be paid for by auctioning off Payne’s body parts after he eats his gun.

    But the romantic in me can’t stop wishing for either outcome.

    A distant third would be Payne getting into an auto accident, and it taking 317 tries to get an IV established. Under his thumbnail. With the square dull catheter.

    Thanks for the update on the case.

  3. “Wubbel was following hospital policy when she told Payne he needed a warrant or the consent of the patient to draw blood after a July 26 car crash.”

    I do not know Utah law, but does not the 4th Amendment of the Constitution and statutory law regarding warrants, search and seizure, etc. supercede “hospital policy”?

    • In case anyone didn’t notice, that hospital policy is in exact agreement with the requirements of the 4th Amendment. That’s why it’s hospital policy. Consent, or a warrant. No exceptions.

      And true to form, the idiots at Fox screwed the pooch, incorrectly stating that the nurse “wouldn’t let the officer” draw blood.

      In fact, as 0.2 seconds diligent checking by a trained monkey would have revealed to Fox News, the nurse was arrested by Ofcr. Nursebeater because she refused to participate in his criminal conspiracy to commit battery on an unconscious patient, contrary to the laws of nursing practice in all 50 states (including Utah) and the District of Columbia, and further refused to assist him to violate the patient’s Constitutional rights under color of authority by obtaining his blood for the officer without a valid warrant to collect such evidence.

      Nota bene that while fired, Ofcr. Jackboots has never been charged criminally by the Salt Lake City D.A. nor the U.S. attorney for attempting those state and federal felonies, though it would be an open-and-shut case and conviction. Some animals are equaller than others, obviously.

      The lack of outrage over that lapse is staggering, and the lack of curiosity over that official indifference from the media, nationwide, is rather telling as well.

      To date, the only person who did the right thing in this case was the nurse. For which she was roughed up, body-slammed, arrested, and jailed.

      $500K is one to two zeroes light for a penalty for that IMHO.
      And the SLCPD chief still has his job.

      And law enforcement in general still wonders why people think they’re all criminal jackholes.

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