“The crowd, which could be described as being in the dozens”

Great show, Joe! Pitifully small crowd of union workers rock up to support President Biden’s Labor Day speech in Pennsylvania

“A miniscule crowd showed up for one of President Joe Biden’s Labor Day rallies in Pennsylvania Monday.

The crowd, which could be described as being in the dozens, gathered outside of the United Steelworkers of America Local Union 2227 hall in West Mifflin, a town southeast of Pittsburgh. The event was open to members of the union.

While some professional photos from the event concealed just how sparse the crowd was, others showed the paltry number of people who showed up to hear the president’s words.

‘Trump fills stadiums, Biden has to count his security detail as part of his ‘crowd.””


Remember, “more votes than any other president”.


3 thoughts on ““The crowd, which could be described as being in the dozens”

  1. Biden fills diapers… Trump fills stadiums!

    I was remarking to my wife that the “crowd” at Biden’s Hitler look-alike contest last Thursday wasn’t able to drown out the guy a couple of blocks away yelling “F*CK JOE BIDEN!” on his megaphone. Two days later, Trump hosted a packed stadium at his rally in the same area. …Somehow though, Biden got more votes in 2020 than any other presidential candidate in HISTORY. …The truth speaks for itself…

    Oh; and look up CNN’ version of the Feurer’s speech. The network changed the color of the Nazi-red lighting… to PINK! Honest in’jun!

  2. 81 million voters say yes we can!
    Build Wakanda Brandon.
    You can do it.

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