And it begins:

Tens of Thousands Protest Against Czech Government.

The folks in Europe are getting tired of being used. Bad energy policy has led to sky high energy prices, Asinine environmental policies have led to unstable and unreliable electricity supplies.

Pro Ukraine policies have harmed the average Czech citizen’s economic and energy security….high energy prices and lower wages and higher food prices have led to a decline in their standard of living.

Expect more of this. Expect it in France, and EnglandĀ  and PolandĀ  and maybe even Germany. All those governments have made similar mistaken policy decisions. At some point people will be huddling in their cold and dark homes. And it ain’t gonna be pretty for the governments when that happens.

And at some point, a bunch of angry Teutonic folks will be a Bad Thing for Europe. It has happened before.

2 thoughts on “And it begins:

  1. it began months ago. its just not making the headlines. all over europe, japan, indonesia, australia et al.

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