My condolences to England

She didn’t want to be queen. But she stood up when she had to and did her job duty for 70 years.

Class act, she was.

An example of how to be a leader, and Royalty.

Would that Charles can do half as well. If he were smart, he’d abdicate in favor of his son.

Godspeed Elizabeth, I hope you find your love Phillip waiting for you and you can go forward together.

4 thoughts on “My condolences to England

  1. If only America’s ‘ruling’ class could muster 1/5th of the grace & poise.

  2. Flap ears is the perfect figurehead for the sun setting on Brittianistan.
    Waive the rules and welcome the enrichment on the beaches, in the fields, the SJW trenches, at the dole, golden socialist healthcare waiting room.

  3. Jug Ears may abdicate but not till after he’s totally effed things up for England.
    He’s a WEF/Klaus Schwab afficionado. That means he is the enemy of anyone
    and everyone who actually works for a living.

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