21 years.

Sometimes it seems like yesterday.

I won’t forget.


At the end of the day, fanatics financed by the House of Saud and their adherents killed my countrymen and attacked the US because of who we were as a people…because of our culture and the freedoms we have. Nothing will ever wash that away. The scales will not be balanced until each of the participants and their enablers are dead and rotting in their graves. My country and our officials may accept them and treat with them…, I won’t, nor will I forgive. Nor will I forget that Pakistan (“Pahkeestahn”) harbored the (supposed) mastermind for years….nor that many Muslims celebrated in the streets when they heard of the attacks. These things I will remember until I die

Anything else I might add will be superfluous.

3 thoughts on “21 years.

  1. Capt Larry Getzfred, Capt Jack Punches, AW1 Joe Pycior. I won’t forget.

  2. Islam has been at war with civilization for 1400 years.

    It’s a death cult, not a religion.

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