Europe is worried

At least, their leaders are.

Worried about Civil Unrest. 

The people are getting restless…those damned peasants. They are angry over high energy prices, energy insecurity, and rising inflation caused by the first two (most of which is caused by the Green Movements, which the leaders of much of Europe capitulated to years ago, consequences be damned….)

Apparently they are worried that the governments can’t spend enough dollars to keep the peasants happy….and that this will result in (really!!) a series of revolutions.

Interesting, innit?


2 thoughts on “Europe is worried

  1. And the muslims are getting frisky in their no-go zones too… When they don’t have heat and food, there WILL be riots!

  2. It seems those on the top of the ladder have fogotten about coal as reliable heat. Oh wait, my mistake, they don’t want to use it, because “green energy”. Assholes. They will deserve what the concenquences of their actions are when their people finally get tired of the bullshit lies. As will the people here.

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