When you forget to represent those who elected you…

Seems that Liz Cheney is on her way out.


People remember your actions, And in this case, they remembered that she did not represent the people, her constituents, and embarked on a vendetta against Trump….

And they voted her out in the primary.

5 thoughts on “When you forget to represent those who elected you…

  1. But, but… she’s the ‘reincarnation’ of Abe Lincoln! She said so!!!

  2. Too bad she can’t be made to refund the millions in campaign donations she has received.

  3. …Funny how Cheney and Obama both consider themselves modern day Lincolns…

    …Lincoln was a Republican… These people are about as close to being Lincoln as east is to west…

  4. So now she has 4 1/2 months of lameduckedness in which to…..what?

    I understand the difference between “party primaries” and “elections” but is it wise to leave discarded trash lying about for so long?

    By the same token, that gap between “the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November” and “the first business day of the following year” raises the same questions. Transitions are not instantaneous, I know, and severe limitations on Ability to Act creates numerous opportunities for potential national jeopardy, but private companies don’t allow fired employees 2 months of unfettered access to company data or finances. Just sayin’.

  5. and the twit wants to run for prez now. i guess she figures tptb can cheat better nationally.

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