Well, duh. Like we haven’t been saying that…..

The choice is: enough land for food production or enough land for energy production.

Not too much of a choice, really.

“In a decarbonized world that is renewable-powered, the land area required to maintain today’s British energy consumption would have to be similar to the area of Britain,”

“This, in turn, had presented the authorities with a choice between continuing to use arable land for wind and solar, or using it for food.”

Essentially, what it comes down to is that if we use all the available land area to place solar panels and windmills, then someone is gonna starve.

Smaller countries are gonna have even bigger issues.

One can have carbon-free renewable energy. Or, one can have enough food to feed the population. You cannot have both using current methods. (and that is with current farming practices using pesticides and chemical fertilizers. If you go “organic” then the numbers are even worse)

Starve, or live in the dark and cold. That is the choice the Greens would have us make.

3 thoughts on “Well, duh. Like we haven’t been saying that…..

  1. Sooner or later, they HAVE to come back to nuclear power generation, if they have any sense… IF!!!

  2. The criminal left wants most of us to starve AND the survivors to live in the dark.

  3. The United States literally have decades of “Green” failures to observe in Europe, and the morons here want to replicate it.

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