I am angered

at the folks who approve of the destruction of the Georgia Guidestones.

Not because I agree with their intent, nor their message…I don’t.

But because this is destruction of private property. Suppression of speech…Just plain vandalism. Cowardly destruction. It was wrong. Wrong in the way that the Taliban’s destruction of the Budda statues in Afghanistan wrong.

If you approve of this vandalism then you should be ashamed of yourself.

6 thoughts on “I am angered

  1. I agree. I also must admit that I smiled and maybe even laughed inside a little. They have been destroying our statues and monuments for years. Free people are pretty much fed up and I only expect it to escalate. An eye for an eye pretty much puts us behind 10,000 to 1 now, and free people have a lot of catching up to do.

  2. I don’t approve of vandalism but in this case I’m mighty amused by it. Let’s not forget that someone put up this massive monument with instructions that started with “step one, kill almost all humans…” and even then it persisted for decades. That’s not too shabby by historical standards for tolerance of your average “kill everyone” statement.

  3. “Christian later transferred ownership of the land and the guidestones to Elbert County.” Maybe a tax payer grew tired of their evil message…

    • Turnabout against whom? I strongly doubt that the originators of the Guidestones were part of the folks that toppled statues.
      Y’all need to wake the hell up.

      If the damage to the statues last year was wrong, so is this destruction.

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