One has to ask: How?

The ATF traced the AR-style rifle to the Highland Park shooter….Supposedly, he “dropped it while fleeing as he blended in with the crowd “. Funny how that works, innit? But either way, the ATF (Fortuitously!) had a firearm to trace.

In. about. an. HOUR. (this is stated by the ATF spokesperson, as interviewed on CBS2Chicago)

On an Independence Day holiday…They had to get the serial number, determine the manufacturer, get access to the database as to where that firearm was shipped….(and if there was a wholesaler involved, contact that company), then contact the retail establishment and find out whom that firearms was ultimately sold to.

Or, alternatively, they had access to the details of the retail sale federal form 4473….which they are not supposed to have.

Remember, this firearm was traced in less than an hour ON A FEDERAL HOLIDAY, according to the ATF spokesperson.. Most businesses were closed. Certainly the departments at Smith and Wesson and the retailer involved were closed. This was, after all, the independence Day holiday (4th of July).

Either they are lying about their access to the 4473’s or they are lying about the shooter…..

Think about that.

2 thoughts on “One has to ask: How?

  1. or they knew who he was before the shoot. and i keep hearing assault rifles are banned there already. wth?

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