They must really fear him

I mean, what we have here is a bunch of accusations and innuendo, with no context, carefully selected (and edited) video and audio and text snippets, not actual testimony in a trial, being put forth in accusation against a private individual, with no opportunity for rebuttal.

It’s character assassination at it’s finest. It isn’t a trial. Not by any definition. The excerpts were carefully edited for emotional and shock value….But no Smoking Gun in the ex-President’s hand. I find that telling. No actual charges against Donald Trump….just innuendo. This isn’t a legal proceeding, it is simply a show.

If they have enough to charge him, then they should do so. But simply assassinating his character without charges is cheap, tawdry, and wrong. Especially when aided and abetted by the Mainstream Media. The Media who obviously carefully coordinated and harmonized their message (at least CBS, NBC, and ABC did so). (Think of the advertising revenue that the Big Three forewent to help damage Trump!)

I found the presentation to carefully edited, with lots of emotional scenes to tug Liberal heartstrings, but little actual useful testimony. No facts, nothing that could lead to charges.

I expect that the Democrats and the “Never Trump” folks are really afraid of what is gonna happen in the midterms and in 2024, and this is designed and timed to help affect those.

I await the next “episode” to see if they have actual facts. So far, a waste of time.

Liz Cheney should be ashamed of herself. The RNC should cease to support her.

Where is the Department of Justice in all of this? Why aren’t they presenting actual factual evidence?


6 thoughts on “They must really fear him

  1. That is how “mud wrestling” is played in the Swamp. This is performance for partisans have already found an opinion.

  2. DOJ is busy dropping charges against two lawyers who firebombed a police car, arresting Michigan GOP front runners for STANDING on the Capitol grounds and pressuring local prosecutors to drop DUI charges. THey are a FARCE and FRAUD.

  3. i watched the j6 live from nine angles. they should show the footage to the world if they were interested in finding truth. but of course they are not. the few bad actors were obvious antifa imposters. i could point them out easily. the rest were on a guided tour for all intents and purposes. but they committed the cardinal sin, they made nancy AFRAID. and hell hath no fury worse than a megalomaniac that has been made afraid. just today i found out that lt. byrd, ashley babbitt’s shooter, never filed a report. a fatal shooting, no report. no prosecution. we live in a banana republic. best get our heads around that folks.

  4. And they said it was a ‘riot’… what happened to the ‘insurrection’ they’ve been hyping???

  5. This was “How many times can we say “insurrection?” in one time period?” I especially liked the black bitch who said it was a “white supremacist President stoking a white supremacist mob.” Funny, as much as the MSM has called Trump a “white supremacist,” it’s never been able to actually show any evidence of such. On the other hand, video, audio, and written words proving BIDEN a white supremacist over several DECADES are PLENTIFUL!

    These people kept those “insurrectionists” in prison for TWO YEARS for this very purpose! It was an insurance policy in case Biden turned out to be exactly as horrible a “president” as he turned out to be. This “hearing” is the Donk party making a claim on that policy. The Donks have nothing. They’re DESPARATE.

    VOTE in November, folks. VOTE-VOTE-VOTE-VOTE-VOTE!

  6. DOJ is focused on being the smokescreen for the politicos, to mask the coruption, to misdirect attention from the blatant fraud. Nothing will change until the system until the economy crashes, which may be happening now, and then it will be too late.

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