Can anyone explain

Why I (or anyone else) should listen to, or care, what Matthew McConaughey thinks about gun violence? Why his opinion matters so much to the press?

He’s an actor, sorta. One who (for a while) women thought of as sexy and desirable,,,..and who then faded into obscurity.

Until there was a mass shooting by a troubled kid in his hometown.

He has exactly zero knowledge that is useful, and absolutely no authority….

But the media is pushing his face in front of us because he once lived in Uvalde.

It’s like asking the dancing bear what kind of dessert we should have after the show…..

5 thoughts on “Can anyone explain

      • Having a Catholic from Northern Ireland talk about gun control would explode the Irony Meters worldwide.

        It also doesn’t get a lot of traction to have some foreigner from the world capitol of gun control and terrorism for most of his life tell Americans what they ought to do with their guns.

        So McConaughey, from Uvalde (even though he long since moved to Austin, the San Francisco of TX).

  1. What about Kurt Sutter, the gun-control poster boy who made his money through series about illegal gun dealing, The Wire and Sons of Anarchy?

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