They (most conveniently) left this fact out of the narrative:

The fact that Trump suggested, and offered, National Guard troops on Jan 6th. (of course, Reuters says it was so they would “protect” the protesters rioters..)

Oddly, that fact was overlooked by the ShitShow last night (Jun 8th) as presented by her nastiness, Liz Cheney, in her attempt to drive a stake through Donald Trump’s heart (and legacy).

That in itself, and the fact hat no one in the media mentioned it, shows that the entire thing is an attempt at character assassination and finding blame without facts, but only with innuendo and lies.

Credibility approaching zero.

I think most people that haven’t already gone over the top in their Trump Derangement Syndrome (Cough, Eathbound Misfit, Cough) can see this presentation for what it is….



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