So they’re back to that….

Instead of saying “abortion” the candidates in the Governors race in Illinois are again using the term “Women’s Health Care” to refer to abortion. Why are they so afraid of saying the truth?


2 thoughts on “So they’re back to that….

  1. I refuse to proclaim that I am “Pro-Life.” A true pro-lifer would be against war, the death penalty, and the use of deadly force to defend oneself and that is certainly not me. Instead I am “ANTI-ABORTION.” It should NEVER be used as “oopsie” birth control and only used in extreme cases of medical emergency. You know, the original “rare and exceptional” claim from 1973.

  2. I’m pro abortion because no single program in history has reduced potential leftist voters as it has. Abortion in America has done more to reduce the black population than hitler did to the jews in ww2.

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