She gets sentenced today

So Ghislaine Noelle Marion Maxwell gets sentenced today for her role in helping Jeffrey Epstein (who DIDN’T kill himself in jail) recruit teenaged girls for his trips to his Island, where they partied with much older men….


Yet not one single person has been named in that trial. Not one of the wealthy and powerful men has been named in any of the evidence.

Think about that. A bunch of young women have, supposedly, been “Victimized” at Epstein and Maxwell’s parties…But none of the men who were at those parties have been named at this trial.

Why not? Where is the outcry (especially from the Press) to name names? Shouldn’t we know who the men were? Shouldn’t we have them testify?

Odd that they are hiding those men, innit?

One thought on “She gets sentenced today

  1. 20 years, and if she doesn’t hang herself – ahem – before the end of the year, I will be surprised. Maybe.

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