What with the “Pride” parades

and (ahem) other festivities this weekend, I expect an explosion of Monkeypox cases in the next few weeks.

If you’ve ever seen what happens in the alleys and behind bushes and such in the area of a Pride parade, then you’ll understand….The behavior is ….disgusting. If heterosexual people acted like gay men do at a pride parade they’d be arrested, but for some reason during a Pride event such is tolerated.

You can fully expect that since Monekypox is a gay men’s disease (95+% of cases are transmitted via sexual contact with other men) that this behavior at the Pride parades will ensure the spread…..I am told that the average promiscuous gay man will have 3-5 “interactions” in one day at a pride event.


4 thoughts on “What with the “Pride” parades

  1. Back in the 70’s I studied a book on demon possession titled ” Pigs in the Parler”. One of the deliverance ministers that helped write and research the book told me about how they would hold huge deliverance meetings in coliseums and other big stadiums . Thousands of people would gather waiting on the exorcisms but one noticeable thing always occurred and that was when the event was full of demon possessed folk the homos would always segregate into a corner by themselves and all the others would treat them harshly . They were thought to somehow be on the lower social score of even the other demonized ones .

  2. Old NFO ! Hey old dude ! I read you everyday and quite enjoy your stuff but I can never comment because of the google thing . I been in an anti-tracking war with googly for years and I’m going down with the boat .

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