An abuse of the rules

and, quite frankly, an abuse of power.


Biden invokes Defense Production Act (wasn’t that for Domestic manufacturing in times of war???) for Solar Panels from other countries for the next 4 years…..

Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam are gonna get special treatment….waiver of tariffs. and other considerations.

One wonders how much commission Hunter Biden will make on this deal. (10% for the Big Guy” and all that, remember?)

There is no war, so the use of the Defense Production Act is a joke and an abuse of power.

Reducing the price of imported Solar Panels is a great way to jump start production of those panels domestically, innit?

Can you imagine the screaming if Trump had done something like this?

2 thoughts on “An abuse of the rules

  1. It’s even better than you think. The word is that all those Vietnamese, Thai and etc. solar panel plants are owned by…wait for it…the Chinese.

    Which means that former Vice-President Biden has just handed his Chinese friends a(nother) nice bonus check, drawn on the Bank of the US Taxpayers.

  2. Hence my question as to how much Hunter is being paid for this…..

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