Who organized this?

So we are to believe that thousands upon thousands upon THOUSANDS of “Migrants” simultaneously decided to walk to the southern US border? Really?

And can someone explain how they are travelling so quickly, where they are sleeping, defecating, and where they are getting their food, water, and shelter?

(ETA: DO these “Poor” folks have cell phones like the previous migrants? Who is paying for them?)

Seriously. Who is sponsoring these people and urging them to come north? Who is feeding, sheltering, and taking care of their needs?

4 thoughts on “Who organized this?

    • And after walking all that way and sleeping… wherever,… their clothes are still clean… and NEW! I can’t even walk to the barn and back without dirtying my clothes!

  1. I’m betting that SOMEONE, using Soros or CIA money is advertising in places, getting them together. Watching Americans act like the people they are showing us, actually just hiked a thousand miles, fat,clean, with Frikkin LUGGAGE, and they don’t even See, This shit Is Not, as advertised.
    When I hear someone ask
    How Stewpid do they think we are?
    It’s no longer possible to contain the laughter.
    They Know how Stewpid the Dummasses are.
    Hell,they straight up got away with stealing the election.

  2. I have been asking that question for 4 years. The arriving invaders are still fat, their shoes are not worn out and they have on clean shirts. SOMEONE is organizing and managing the logistics. If we had a free press we would KNOW.

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