Almost a perfect design

So I have THIS coffeemaker on my countertop.

It is everything I desire in a coffeemaker. It makes excellent coffee, does so on a timer if needed, dispenses coffee without having to pour it, etc…..It even has a gauge that shows how much coffee is left.



The other day, I came out of my slumber expecting a freshly brewed cup of my favorite bean juice. (Beans for breakfast nearly every morning, AmEyeRite?)

Sadly, the coffee valve had a small bit of coffee ground or other un-needed and unwanted extraneous detritus in the valve that the o-ring type seal was unable to cope with.

I had to drink my covfefe off of the counter  (as the pot had dripped out through the compromised valve)  until I was awake enough to fix the valve issue and re-brew my morning pot.

No one was killed or seriously harmed during that time. I am getting soft in my age.

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