Better than buying gold

And safer than buying stocks, bonds, or mutual funds.

I-Bonds. 9.62% for up to 30 years.

Now, if I were to be wanting to invest in a safe method, say for a kid, or something like that. this looks to be the safest way. A decent interest rate, backed by the Federal Government (for what that is worth). 1 year minimum, relatively minimal penalties for withdrawal.

Limit of $10,000. (per year).

If anyone knows of a better Safe investment, please advise.


2 thoughts on “Better than buying gold

  1. Unfortunately that 9.62% rate is only good for the next six months. Then it can go up or down depending on inflation. Still it’s a good deal for an excellent safe return on your investment for now.

  2. I am 61, and retired, so it doesn’t apply the same to me as to.most. But with such rapid inflation, if I just want to stay ahead of things, items such as good and consumables like soaps, toilet paper, and other things like that are a hedge against fluctuations in prices at local stores.
    I know I am talking Apple’s to oranges here, but with the cost of diesel fuel predicted to continue to rise, the cost of moving commodities is not coming down, at least until after the midterm elections, when big business can possibly see some signs of stability.
    Meanwhile, for those of us on fixed incomes, even if we have a small best egg, but we don’t want to touch it, remember, I said small, the dollar you spend for a can of chicken noodle soup today could easily be $1.25 next week or more. So by “investing” in that soup, you made 25%, in just one week. And if you watch adds, you can do even better. If your family eats Chuck roast, but the price has gotten just too high, wait for a sale, and stock up. Spend $100. if you have a big freezer, and divide it up. Your family likes hamburgers? Grind some of that chuck, and grind about 25% boneless, skinless chicken thighs. You will be amazed at how juicy your burgers are, and very few will know the difference.
    Hopefully, things will one day get back to a reasonable norm. Until then, good luck and do what is best for your family and situation.

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